I Come Prepared

Going 70km/h. down a moving mountain and having the calmness to focus on the perfect line at the same time takes talent, practice but most importantly preparation.

Sebastian trains all year round with Professor Dr. Djukic to be in the best physical shape, he designs his special surfboards with Bert Burger and he studies the waves and possible lines with his team constantly. He is obsessed with figuring out what’s possible.


Safety is Key

Surfing waves with more than 500.000 tons of water needs the best safety setup there is. Sebastian started to work with Dr. Axel Haber, a German Naval Doctor in 2014 and developed the Nazaré safety plan. In the beginning it was for his own safety, but he then also took on the responsibility for the whole community. Today Sebastian and his team including Dr. Haber and Nuno Oliveria are the leading force behind water safety in Nazaré.

It’s About Fun

While most people think of big wave surfing as a very serious, scary and dangerous sport, which it is. Sebastian’s main reason for surfing big waves is because he has fun. All the pressure, the fear, all the hoping and waiting is gone when he finally is on his board. His philosophy of ‚always being ready’ gives him the freedom to enjoy the biggest waves and having fun in the most challenging environment.